Equinor Hammerfest LNG

Late 2019 GCCD delivered a state of the art KVM-matrix based control room to Equinor, one of our biggest projects lately that we are very proud of.
Four operator stations with Lund Halsey curved height adjustable operator desks. Each operator station has their own high-speed fiber matrix that’s connected in grid for full redundancy.

Equinor Troll A

In 2009 GCCD delivered the control room large screen display for Equinor Troll A. The large screen display consists of 14x projectors and 2x video wall controllers. The system has full redundancy, an A-system with 7x projectors and 1x video wall controller, an B-system with 7x projectors and 1x video wall controller. The system is controlled by a touch panel interface.


State of the art KVM matrix system for the Trondheim based fishing vessel, RAV. By providing RAV with a large KVM matrix and custom touch interfaces, the crew can operate and view all systems on all screens on the bridge. Furthermore, the problem with multiple mice on one position is a thing of the past. Every operator can now control any source with the touch of a button. This system also integrates dimming of all screens to accommodate fishing at night.

Equinor Aasta Hansteen

In 2019 GCCD delivered the control room large screen display for Equinor Aasta Hansteen. The large screen display consists of 6x projectors, video wall controller and touch panel interface.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

GCCD delivered a two-projector front projected system with warp & blend to the Kon-Tiki Museum in 2013. The system was upgraded in 2019 with laser projectors.

Stasjonen Business Lounge

Tønsberg’s new state of the art Business Lounge was just installed by TechVision. We have provided our customer with high quality solutions and easy user interfaces to ensure best possible user experience.



Shell Shipping UK

This was a 2×4 55″ video wall with slim bezels and video wall controller. Perfect fit for displaying multiple inputs and local media as a mix.


Bilderesultat for shell shipping logo


Telenor Maritime

A very nice and clean Large Screen Display installation for Telenor Maritime in Norway. 2×5 55″ ultra narrow bezel screens and video wall controller.


Bilderesultat for telenor maritime logo


An impressive 4×10 55″ screen video wall and wall controller was delivered to Telenor and their main control centre in Norway.


Vegtrafikksentralen nord

This was a very prestigious contract to be awarded and a project we have been very proud of ever since. The main display consist of 3×6 70″ LED cubes, but we also delivered a state of the art wall controller, KVM matrix, audio distribution and a touch panel control system for all operators.