ESSO Slagentangen

The ESSO rafinery at Slagentangen, Norway was in the process of making a radical change to their control room desks and consoles and need a durable solution. TechVision provided ESSO with state of the art operator desks and consoles that should last for a couple of decades until the next upgrade.


Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures from the control room due to company policy. Hence, we are showing a 3D drawing from the design process and a custom desk from one FAT.


Bilderesultat for esso exxon mobil logo


Bilderesultat for esso exxon mobil logo

Shell Shipping UK

This was a 2×4 55″ video wall with slim bezels and video wall controller. Perfect fit for displaying multiple inputs and local media as a mix.


Bilderesultat for shell shipping logo


Telenor Maritime

A very nice and clean Large Screen Display installation for Telenor Maritime in Norway. 2×5 55″ ultra narrow bezel screens and video wall controller.


Bilderesultat for telenor maritime logo


An impressive 4×10 55″ screen video wall and wall controller was delivered to Telenor and their main control centre in Norway.


Vegtrafikksentralen nord

This was a very prestigious contract to be awarded and a project we have been very proud of ever since. The main display consist of 3×6 70″ LED cubes, but we also delivered a state of the art wall controller, KVM matrix, audio distribution and a touch panel control system for all operators.

Equinor Johan Sverdrup

TechVision is proud to deliver the Control Room Large Screen Display for the Johan Sverdrup oil plattform, operated by Equinor. The setup consist of 2×8 55″ LCD screens with ultra narrow bezels, Video Wall controller and touch panel user interface.


Equinor Kristin

TechVision has delivered a Large Screen Display consisting of 2×5 55″ LCD screens with ultra narrow bezels to the Kristin oil plattform operated by Equinor.

PS: Colour mismatch between screens originate from camera taking the pictures.


TechVision has made a key-turn delivery to Redningsselskapets new facility, RS Noatun. Norway’s new state of the art maritime training centre! TechVision has delivered full AV-setup, in class rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, hotel-TVs and much more.


Equinor VROP Sandsli

In 2017 GCCD delivered the control room large screen display for Valemon Remote Operations in Equinor’s office in Bergen.
The large screen display consists of 5x projectors, video wall controller and touch panel interface.

KSAT Svalbard

GCCD delivered the Control Room Large Screen Display for Kongsberg Satellite Services in Svalbard in 2013. The setup consist of 2×6 55″ LCD screens with narrow bezels, Video Wall controller and touch panel user interface. The large screen display are mounted in a curved plane.