These are some of our focus areas. Our main strength shall however always be our ability to adapt to our customers’ requirements. We will strive to meet your expectations and maybe then a bit. Every project is unique and we will find the right technology and provide the knowledge to back it up, hopefully we will also learn a bit on the way so that we can give all our customers even better support in the future.


A video wall is a generic term for a large screen, or typically a combination of several screens. Commonly used for overview or surveillance in industry, transportation and security. Other use could be advertisement or public information.

When it comes to technology there are many options, ranging from LED, LCD, to rear projection cubes and seamless projection. There is also a large range of options on what equipment to put behind the screen to drive it. Depending on use, present technology and other factors, we will be able to design a solid and flexible solution to meet your requirements!


With a computer in one room and mouse, keyboard and monitor in another, you typically need something more than just really long cables to get everything connected. GCCD can provide you the «in-between» to distribute video, audio, mouse, keyboard and more.

From simple point-to-point connections to complex matrix solutions with multiple inputs and outputs, over different types of infrastructure, we have the right solution for you.


At GCCD we will provide you with furniture for collaboration, meetings, control rooms and more. Our philosophy is to deliver more than just a table. We want to improve the way you work by offering ergonomic, high quality, purpose built tables, operator desks and other furniture. We want to put the people in focus so that they can perform better with the task at hand.

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When setting up a new, nice and shiny system, with all the latest features, it is vital that everything plays together. It is also equally important to keep in mind how the system will be used and by whom. With a dedicated control system, we can ensure that all equipment work in conjunction with each other and that everything is available for the user in an easy to understand, well presented manner in the form of a button panel, touch panel, app, etc.


We can provide 2D or 3D drawings, VR or a full scale mock-up based on
your design criteria. 3D models with real colours and materials provide a
genuine appearance of the control room. This optimizes the decision
process by giving a full view into the final result.


When you want to design a control room or operation center for the future,
make sure you have planned for it. Based on human factor evaluations,
GCCD offer extensive task and facility analysis to ensure safe and reliable
operator performance at any time.


«Collaboration» is one of todays buzz words. It can have many interpretations, such as simply a video conferencing system or a way of presenting what’s on your device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) on a common display in a meeting.

We can certainly help you with many aspects of collaboration, but we can also lead you along a wider concept where we look at ergonomics and furniture. Then we combine this with the latest technology to deliver a state of the art system!

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